Cal Williams Self Portrait

A self taught photographer, I have been active in the art since I borrowed my brother’s camera and purchased my first roll of film over sixty years ago.  By senior year in high school I was class photographer and thoroughly hooked.  Through three college degrees and careers in engineering, management and consulting I have maintained my interest and developed my eye and skills.  Now retired, I am able to devote the time and attention I have always felt this art deserves.

Many subjects catch my eye, but at heart I am a nature photographer, striving for a unique perspective on the beauty of flowers, butterflies, birds, animals and scenic landscapes.  I study techniques that can open a window upon aspects of our world that we might not otherwise be aware of in our busy lives.   If I have a style (probably best left for others to decide) it results from my tendency to “get closer” and focus on the essential nature of my subject.  Particular attention is given to faithful representation of color, and I am pleased to receive comments that my work is “bright and cheerful” or “looks like a painting.”

A New England native, I was born and grew up in New Hampshire.  My wife Barbara and I were delighted to have made our home in the lovely state of Vermont - a nature photographer's paradise -  for over forty years.  Alas, we now reside in a large senior residence near our daughter in Maryland.  We invite old friends to get in touch - use "contact" on the menu.

I value your feedback.   Please add comments, sign my Guest Book,  or e-mail me using  "contact" on the menu.

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