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Updated March, 2017

Most of my photographs can be made as  high resolution broad gamut color digital prints on 310 g/sm Bright White Hahnemühle Matte Fine Art Cotton Photo Rag archival paper.   To assure the utmost quality and consistency I personally make signed, dated and numbered limited-edition fine art prints using my own professional 8-color large format digital printer.

My most popular standard sizes are listed below.  I stock prints of my most popular photographs in popular sizes for immediate shipment.  Prints in stock are noted under the titles of 80 or more photographs throughout this site.  Also, all photographs which have prints in stock may be viewed with the Slide Show Tab or in the Prints In Stock Gallery in the Miscellaneous Folder.  If no sizes are shown under a title, it does not imply that prints cannot be purchased, but only that it will take a few days longer to get them.  If not in stock, or if you prefer a non-standard size, custom printing usually takes from 2 to 5 extra days.  Custom sizes may depend on cropping options but are generally possible up to 12 x 21 inches.  I will get back to you as soon as possible with quotes on custom sized prints requested.  We do travel occasionally, but I monitor my e-mail and will let you know if your order must be delayed for this reason.


8x11 and 8x12        $24           $6         

8x14                          $28           $7

11x15 to 11x17       $46           $10

12x16                        $55           $11

12x18                        $60           $12

12x21                        $65           $13


STEP 1:  Place your order via e-mail using the "Contact" menu tab.  Include the title(s) of the photograph(s) you have selected and the size(s) of the print(s) you want.  Please include your shipping address so I can verify shipping cost.  (I am sorry, but I do not ship outside the United States.) Please also specify how you wish to pay.

STEP 2:  In many cases this step may not be needed and I will go directly to step 3.  But if you have asked questions, if I need to clarify your order, if you are ordering more than one print and combining shipping or if my calculated shipping charge deviates significantly (higher or lower) from the average, we will communicate by e-mail until we are both completely comfortable with proceeding.

STEP 3:  Depending upon your specified payment method I will send an appropriate e-mail invoice.  You will go to the Square or PayPal website to complete your payment much as you would with any other website transaction.

STEP 4:  When your payment has been deposited to my account (Square is fastest, generally the next business day) I will ship your in-stock print or start production of your custom order.  After I drop your package at our U.S. Post Office I will e-mail your tracking number.

PAYMENT:  I accept payment by VISA, Mastercard, Discover or American Express credit card via Square Invoice, or by PayPal Invoice.   Orders will be shipped after payment is deposited to my account.

SHIPPING:  I ship via USPS Priority Mail. I'm sorry, but I do not ship outside the USA. I pack prints sealed with (not attached to) an archival foam board protective backer in a Crystal Clear envelope with flat packaging, to avoid problems with curling.  Open the outer package and remove the Crystal Clear envelope, but I strongly suggest that you resist the urge to open the archival envelope yourself.  You must not touch the print with your bare hands.  Take the Crystal Clear envelope, unopened,  to a professional framer, who will know how to handle your print without damage.  

Framed Prints:  I have stopped shipping framed prints due to the cost of packaging, shipping and insurance.  But I do have framed prints on display in my private gallery.  See my on-line gallery of framed prints available here.  If you are or will be in Northwestern Vermont, make an appointment to stop by to pick one up.

Limited Editions are controlled and documented based upon published guidelines in the Standards of the Fine Arts Trade Guild (UK), by the following practices, understood to be commonly followed:

Prints in a Limited Edition will be distinguished by incorporation in the piece, in the hand of the Artist directly and not by any form of reproduction, all four of:  (A) The signature af the Artist, (B) The year the image was created and copyrighted, (C) The sequence number of the print in the edition, and (D) The total number of prints in the edition.  Separation of any print by any means from these distinguishing marks will negate continued inclusion in the Limited Edition.  The Artist will maintain records of the production and sale of Limited Edition prints to assure there is no duplication of numbers and that the specified maximum is not exceeded, and will make access to these records available upon demand.  The Artist retains ownership of all rights to any images used in a Limited Edition, including the right to use or to license the use of these images (or derivatives of the images by cropping) for private or commercial  applications such as advertising, promotions, calendars, etc.  The Artist further indicates that he may offer for sale prints no larger than forty square inches of images used in Limited Editions (or derivatives of the images by cropping) in the form of greeting cards, souvenirs or gifts. The Artist specifies that if unauthorized prints of works in a Limited Edition should exist without all four distinguishing marks specified above, such prints not be associated with the Limited Edition and not be construed to devalue the Limited Edition prints in any way. 

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